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Workforce Absence Request

The ATS Workforce Absence Request Module allows employees to request personal time from any PC with access to the Internet. This feature gives employees online access to personal information and HR processes, including benefits enrollment. Employees punch in and out, view their time cards, monitor benefits (paid time off) balances, and request time off online with ATS Workforce Absence Request module. Security is provided by individual PIN numbers that allow employees access to their own information. Managers get an automatic notification that enables them to approve or refuse the requested absences. ATS time and attendance Workforce Absence Request can be used wherever employees have access to the internet—at home, at branch offices or on the road.

The ATS time and attendance Workforce Absence Request solution reduces lost time and leave policy abuse by fully automating and integrating leave management policies. Corporate directives, departmental attendance, and personal entitlement policies can all be incorporated into the daily business process so you get a centralized system for managing, reporting, and analyzing all employee leave. With ATS Workforce Employee Absence, you gain keen insight into the patterns and trends of absence.


  • Generates reports and other analysis to view leave allowances, leave usage, and identify patterns of leave that may indicate policy abuse
  • Documenting all leave-related activities and paperwork for a complete audit trail
  • Delivers a proactive approach to managing all aspects of employee leave
  • Ensuring compliance with business rules, as well as state and federal regulations
  • Automating the process of classifying employee leave
  • Updating relevant federal and state laws automatically
  • Validating that appropriate documents are collected
  • Initiating each step of the leave process, from documentation to reminders for a physician visit

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