Professional Services

Custom Development

Our time and attendance software was designed to adhere to the majority of pay calculation policies of different industries. However, some of our customers request components that may not part of our software. Since our software is not a "one size fits all solution", this is where our flexibility is at its best. ATS has the skills, experience, and creativity to make the right customization within your budget. Our focus has always been on you, the customer. We don't have a hidden agenda to sell you a solution that will not meet your stated needs. We focus on the best solution for the problem at hand. Our Professional Services department takes advantage of resources that you have already invested in and re-using what makes sense.

Solution Benefits:

  • We deliver a time and attendance solution that provides the benefits you need sooner.
  • Our practical approach to custom solutions means a lower cost alternative.
  • Compatible and flexible - our solutions "fit" into your infrastructure, enabling easier maintenance and control.
  • We provide the appropriate after-market support on all customized solutions.
  • You'll see a cost effective solution with proven return on investment.
  • We'll work with you to determine a set of key performance indicators (KPI’s) to ensure on time delivery.

Custom reports

Although our software features a built-in report writer to allow the user to create their own report formats, many users may have more complex reporting formats that rely on data stored across multiple modules, or presented in a way that requires further calculations, inclusion of graphics, or other more specialized detail. In these situations, we are happy to provide customized report formats designed to your exact specification as part of our implementation process. 

Smartphone and Tablet Solutions for Inventory and Asset Management

ATS Professional Services department can provide unique software interfaces that can be used to update mobile and other data collectors. Other devices include badge readers, barcode scanners for asset auditing, inventory management, RFID and or the use of mobile devices into areas such as lookup and update of repair and maintenance, transportation & logistics and public works. To learn more click here.