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Our Time and Attendance solution delivers the functionality and flexibility to support the time management requirements of your organization.
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Pay Policies and Calculations

Our time and attendance software uses a transaction-based engine that allows you to automatically handle complex HR and payroll policies. You can:

  • Automate employee pay rates and rate changes mandated by complex labor and internal union collective bargaining agreements
  • Maintains wage and hour records
  • Generate salary and wage reports


Calculate overtime/double-time daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or on other frequency.

Premium Pay

Shift differentials based on shift codes or times worked with qualifications.


Automatically calculate holiday pay. Define special overtime or premium rules for time worked on holidays.

Grace, Pay Periods, and Rounding Rules

Apply uniform and consistent rules for grace periods. Round clock times for punch in/out events

Meal Deductions

Auto-deduct time worked from punch in/out Override deductions when working through meals

Rate of Pay

Unlimited rates of pay with rates tied to job, shift, location, or other parameters Calculate hourly rates and gross pay.