ATS Engineering & Construction Solutions

Industries include:  Engineering & Design, Shipbuilding, Construction, Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management

ATS workforce management solutions for engineering is a comprehensive set of solutions that provide powerful software to manage engineering, construction, and operations, including plant contracting, home building, and shipbuilding.
Our solution support and enhance all business processes within project and plant life cycles, so you can increase your performance and become more competitive by collaborating closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers. And you can do all of it regardless of your company's size.

The ATS Benefit:

Our time and attendance software uses a transaction-based engine that allows you to automatically handle complex HR and payroll policies. You can:

  • Automate employee pay rates and rate changes mandated by complex labor and internal union collective bargaining agreements
  • Maintains wage and hour records
  • Generate salary and wage reports

Calculate overtime/double-time daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or on other frequency.
Premium Pay
Shift differentials based on shift codes or times worked with qualifications.
automatically calculate holiday pay. Define special overtime or premium rules for time worked on holidays.
Grace, Pay Periods, and Rounding Rules
Apply uniform and consistent rules for grace periods. Round clock times for punch in/out events
Meal Deductions
Auto-deduct time worked from punch in/out Override deductions when working through meals
Rate of Pay
Unlimited rates of pay with rates tied to job, shift, location, or other parameters Calculate hourly rates and gross pay

The ATS solution delivers real time activity based costing and helps to govern and automate the entire process from punch to pay. The pay rules library and flexibility allows for 100% automation of rules without costly changes to core code. Hours and wage rule compliance is consistent and automated with alerts when a threshold for violation is approached – providing proactive reconciliation. The self-service capability of time and attendance increases productivity as employees and managers spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time focusing on customers. The system tracks, performance and automatically adjust operations as business and market conditions change. And you can do all of this regardless of the size of your enterprise.