Data Integration

Data Export to Payroll, HRIS and ERP Software Programs
One of the most popular requests by our customers is a payroll interface. This is a process through which hours are sent electronically (weekly, bi-weekly etc) to a payroll (software) provider without having to key in those hours manually.
Our product contains a flexible report integrator can be used to modify standard reports.  
Other data exports may include: General Ledgers, ERP, RFID, MS Applications, Access Control Software Packages, Bi-Directional Interfaces, HRIS, Recruitment, Warehouse and Leave Management Software Programs. Data may also be exported to many spreadsheets and database programs. Here are a few of the packages we currently support.

Products mentioned here may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. ATS makes no attempt to imply or infer that we have; a relationship, partnership, association, affiliation and/or, alliance with any of these companies. We merely state that have created an interface to the above mentioned software programs, for the purpose of data import for our customers who use one of these software packages. Potential and existing customers should not assume that ATS cannot create an export to a software package because it is not listed. We have created well over 100 customized and standard interfaces to a variety of software packages. ATS has in-house data programmers and software analysts who have a wealth of knowledge in the world of software integration. To that end, these individuals can create export files to virtually any software program, from the smallest, to the most sophisticated program on the market.