ATS Online-Time Sheets

ATS Online Time-Sheets is completely web-enabled and utilizes state of the art technology. This cloud-based workforce management solution allows employees to punch in/out from any computer, smartphone or tablet with access to the internet. The Web-Time system eliminates the need for a physical time clock, allowing employees the flexibility of punching from their desktop or a remote location, rather than from a fixed time clock location.

ATS Online Time-Sheets allows for supervisors and employees to access the same cloud-based time and attendance system with different access privileges.  A supervisor can login to view detailed system information and configuration rules while an employee logs in only with the ability to punch in or out.  These access levels are all user defined, giving the system customizable flexibility depending on your needs. A messaging system also exists within Web-Time to allow supervisors to send messages to employees.

Web-Time Features:

Employee Functions

  • View Punch History / Total Hours
  • Punch In/Out Online
  • View/Send Messages

Supervisor Functions

  • View Timecards, Accrual History
  • View Reports & Modify Schedules
  • View Employee Profiles
  • Whos In/Out Board

Administrator Functions

  • View Timecards, Accrual History
  • Edit & Update Employee Timecards
  • Run Timecard Reports & Payroll Reports
  • Configure Access for New Users
  • Edit/View All System Setup Options

Other Features

  • Utilize server time to prevent falsified punches
  • Handle Multiple Time Zones
  • Eliminate supervisor time spent on paper timecards
  • Web-based timesheets via company intranet or internet
  • Web-Based interface to Payroll, ERP, CRM and other applications

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